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  • Flight attendant, sensing turbulence in the relationship, puts her tray in an upright position - right in her boyfriend's face.
  • Diaper on baby's bottom tells another diaper if he thought the safety pin was bad, wait until he sees what comes next, implying dirty diaper.
  • Man holding pen wants autograph from tough-looking guy because they made a movie about him for mauling 2 dozen people with a writing instrument.
  • One acrobat says to another, Derekson, as he holds him on the trapeze, they are downsizing the act, and he has to let him go.
  • Two traffic lights in front of automobile accident, one signal light says to other she doesn't care whose turn it was, red isn't her color.
  • Child E asks Dad E if he'll grow up capitalized like dad, dad says yes, but he has to stay away from drugs, guns, and white-out.
  • Man walking by the Domino Apartments, which are lined up next to each other like dominos, feels very uneasy, doesn't want the apartments to fall.
  • Cans in car visit a can opener country safari, can openers are all over the landscape like wild animals, sign warns to stay in car.
  • Employees at a meeting to improve productivity, one employee suggests skipping these kind of meetings and instead start doing some work.
  • Two nails standing outside house, one nails tells the other he's been thinking about moving, two hammers are visible moving into the house next door.
  • Woman with many cats warns man she is about to use the can opener.