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  • A dog tells his secretary he's too busy for a bath today.
  • A pig signs up to work for a store that sells pickled pig's feet.
  • A woman avoids a man from the sales department by using Doo Doo Breath breath spray.
  • People walk around the Superglue headquarters with stuff stuck to their bodies.
  • The air traffic controllers of Toontown have a lot of work.
  • A crane complains about her date.
  • A four-armed Hindu goddess arrives at a nail salon just before closing.
  • A cat bathroom has a sign reading "employees must lick paws before returning to work."
  • A man criticizes the man who's about to give him a job interview while they're both driving.
  • A man switches from teaching kindergarten to being a political lobbyist.
  • Workers hope their boss doesn't realize they aren't working, and their boss hopes his workers don't realize he isn't working.
  • A man who works at a machete, razor blade, and notepaper factory gets a paper cut.