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  • Self conscious polluted planet on smartphone thinks flattering Earth Day pictures posted online are nice.
  • Gross adult gardening greenhouse says pull my finger to kid glasshouse, farts first CO2 air pollution gases.
  • Scientist warns cartoon speech bubbles polluting planet’s atmosphere released by talking.
  • No coal protesting faceless snowman sacrifices environment polluting greenhouse gas fossil fuel eyes, mouth & button.
  • Stealthy slow ninja sloth suddenly tosses jerk littering park in garbage without being seen.

  • Man uses a sand detector in a pile of trash at the beach to look for sand.
  • Snowmen covered in dirt from the street say black is the new white.
  • Street dirt is a spray tan for snowmen.
  • Committee has second thoughts as giant candles on earth day cake spew smoke in air.
  • Mayor commemorates Earth Day planting a tree for the press after clearing trees for conference.
  • A company called Dog Days Inc. will embrace global warming so they can expand to the other three seasons.

You searched for: pollution