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You searched for: murder

  • Tic-tac-toe grids don’t know if grid lying on floor with X eyes and O mouth is dead or playing games.
  • Cake watches scary true crimes birthday cake killer documentary on television.
  • Cartoon character Bart Simpson nervous as lawyer presents to court spiky triangle hair evidence found at crime scene.
  • Medical receptionist at World Blood Donor Day blood drive tells masked serial killer with bag that most people donate their own blood.
  • Bored whale watching TV thinks killer whale is predictable murder suspect on whodunnit mystery show.
  • Pinata and piggybank awkwardly discover each plotting to smash the other.
  • Chairs in a cinema watch horror film with slasher cat about to claw.
  • Gingerbread man realizes that he is in a house made of gingerbread,
  • Wicked Witch pays off Flying Monkey to kill the Tin Man.
  • Jason uses GPS for his favorite Locations.

  • A discarded box of donuts tempts birds into eating it.
  • Leprechaun uses phrase from Scarface to announce he's holding a cleaver.

You searched for: murder