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  • Socrates' hemlock is organic.
  • A tie-dyed tie dies.
  • Tree cops can't figure out how another tree died because no one heard anything.
  • Caesar should have gotten a knife-proof toga when he had the chance.
  • Turkey's yoga class pays off as he avoids ax.
  • A turkey turns her first husband into a duster because he doesn't like to clean.
  • A turkey's Axe body spray repels other turkeys because of its name.
  • Zombies use a human's head as a pinata.

  • Jason accidentally leaves the safety on his chainsaw.
  • Dracula sucks on Humpty Dumpty and the Pillsbury Dough Boy for breakfast.
  • A man tweets as multiple jungle animals attack him.
  • Cat claims he is performing autopsy on eaten fish he found dead on floor.

You searched for: murder