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  • Vampires couple wife tells monster party guests sleeping husband insisted on open casket funeral.
  • Exposed body mummy unravels wrapping walking pet dog in Egypt desert.
  • Halloween ninja sloth steals costume & embarrasses scary naked mummy monster.

  • Offended shark party guest annoyed by rude hammer head Halloween costume insult.
  • Egyptian tomb mummies on coffee break asks furry hair covered mummy about pet cat.
  • Naked mummy stung by bee spins out of linen wrap in panic & tells mummies at pyramid tomb bee was in it.
  • Autocorrected spelling for no teeth can’t Dracula, weird werewolf, frank in stein, and mommy mummy monsters.
  • Mummy gives cloth wrap to maskless Frankenstein as Halloween monsters in PPE masks meet outside in Covid-19 social distancing.
  • Mummy says gesundheit to naked mummy who sneezed off cloth wrappings.
  • Friendly ghosts, ghouls, witches and monsters wave and greet each other on All Hellos Eve.
  • Mummy child says it smells feet and mummy parent asks if they put their clothes on upside down again.
  • Two mummies wrapped over and under start argument on toilet paper hanging direction.

You searched for: mummy