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  • Fluffy kitty runs on exercise treadmill shedding pet hair pile, happy weighing workouts results instantly on scale.
  • Ride share driver grosses out passenger with embarrassing intestinal blockage conversation.
  • Russian nesting doll compliments doll’s lost weight and she answers her kids moved out.
  • Infant refuses bottle feeding dad, prefers mother’s locally sourced breasts milk.
  • Pumpkin fortuneteller predicts pumpkin approached by carving knife will lose weight.
  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.

  • Godzilla wearing eat locals t-shirt devours local people in demolished city.

  • Dieting snake with six tiny and one big bulge in stomach tells other snake it was good all week so today is my cheat day.
  • Cat on laptop computer suggests finicky diet website but dog says can’t see it working for him.
  • Psychologist tells groundhog therapy will help his shadow fears as scary clowns sneak up behind him.
  • Colored paint splatters cover pranked man’s face and clothes in paintball pinball game joke.

You searched for: diet