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  • Man thinks smartphone text “big potato monkey bites my toes” is autocorrect typo but monster is outside window biting woman’s foot.
  • Lego brick toy breaks up with foot on romantic date, saying it will just hurt it.
  • Sugar cone ice cream is a ballerina on pointe.

  • Chewtoes snack food, made of toenails, parodies Cheetos.
  • Holeys shoes with holes, parody of Heeleys kids' footwear.
  • A business called "Let's Pick Each Other's Toes" goes out of business.
  • Cats are supposed to land on their own feet during dance lessons
  • A mother wolf tells her child a nursery rhyme.
  • A celebrity gossip magazine writes about Christmas themes.
  • Trees have a family human.

You searched for: toes