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  • Therapist asks dog in therapy with food dish if true he complains it’s never enough.
  • Kitty therapist asks cats couple shaking treats bag how got partner to follow to therapy.
  • Snow lady asks snowman spouse to help button rocks on dress back.
  • Tired smartphone in bed tells partner it was autoplaying videos in sleep again.
  • Chanukah dreidel tells insomniac dreidel spinning in bed warned it to slow down at party.
  • Reindeer in bed plugs smartphone charging cable to asleep Rudolph bulb outlet nose.
  • Ninja sloth mashes potatoes with stubborn man’s head when he refuses to help wife cook Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Vampires couple wife tells monster party guests sleeping husband insisted on open casket funeral.
  • Tombstone engraved actually did kill him to help with dishes once in a while.
  • Dog husband in marriage therapy complains wife stops wagging tails first in relationship.
  • Upset bull husband discovers cow wife rides mechanical bulls on girl’s night out.

You searched for: spouse