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  • Smart desert island castaway says “I’ve got an idea!” & uses cartoon speech bubble floating lifeboat to sail ocean to safety.
  • Tired wife with morning coffee & bathrobe on dock not a mooring person as sunken boat drifts away frustrating mad husband.
  • Rebellious insects prefer housefly in condominium, army ant sailing naval ship, pillbug’s capsules medicine & friendly lice nit not jerk.

  • Mailman on large wooden sailing ship reaches to deliver customer order causing expensive shipping costs.
  • Ridge back spinosaurus shopper returns ripped bag to dinosaur customer service.
  • A pirate wears a hook on his head because he lost his hair.
  • Columbus has depression.
  • As a toddler, Christopher Columbus discovers new swear word.
  • Pirate questions privacy of wireless phone call with a talking parrot on the pirate's shoulder.
  • Christopher Columbus' exploration voyage is portrayed with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria.

  • Columbus also discovered armpit farts.

You searched for: sail