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  • Turkeys eating human Thanksgiving dinner give thanks for alternate universe reality.
  • Muppets Beeker, Warner Bro Roadrunner & Star Wars R2-D2 talking can’t hear beeping truck backing up.
  • Cartoonist on phone with technical support says he pressed undo but permanent Sharpie marker wont erase from drawing tablet screen.
  • Woman in bar says man is in a reflective mood and he answers what makes you say that in backwards mirrored text.
  • Rudolph was warned not to hold in sneezes which reverse his light out his butt.
  • Stick people have a bumper sticker of normal people on their car.
  • Beaker, the roadrunner, and R2D2 get run over because no one can hear them over the beeping of a reversing truck.

  • A snowman inverts his body to make it look like he lost weight.
  • A thief picks his victim out of a police lineup.
  • Rather than watch swimmers, lifeguard prefers women playing volleyball.
  • Rather than "Live long and prosper," angry Mr. Spock reverses his motto.
  • By beating test subject, researchers hope to treat incurable optimism.

You searched for: reverse