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  • Rested owner feels weight lifted after slept under dog and cat on bed.
  • Ghosts pass spirit with face lifted above head who had cosmetic surgery.
  • Dog wont roll over for owner teaching trick but rolls back on nasty dead rodent.
  • Vampire’s invisible I.D. photo makes vampire nightclub bouncer’s job challenging.
  • Sneaky turkey escapes by hiding in feather duster disguise until day after Thanksgiving.
  • Two mummies wrapped over and under start argument on toilet paper hanging direction.
  • Vintage 1989 cartoon 1989, cat walks over subway commuters heads to get off at aquarium train station.
  • Gangs of angry toilet paper rolls hung over and under prepare to fight in street brawl.
  • Hosts read Go Dog Go to signal to dog guest that it's time to leave.
  • Football player wonders why other player continues to block him on his phone even though game is over.
  • Tablet is anxious about doctor inserting charger into rear end.

  • Dog is thankful cat cause owner to trip and drop Thankgiving dinner on the floor.

You searched for: over