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  • Turkey predicts his own future when he asks to be filled in.

  • Wife can guess by husband's cloud tan lines that is was cloudy but not windy at beach.
  • A turtle runs a shell game in which his audience participates.
  • Hammerhead shark, despite shape of head, isn't handy around the house.
  • Woman asks "are you thinking what I'm thinking", man thinks "what I'm thinking."
  • While cloud watching, a woman describes an elaborate scene in details and and her friend sees the same thing in the clouds.
  • The email battle between manually typing and auto fill is on, starring Manual-Lee versus Otto-Phil.
  • A man eats all the jelly beans from a guess-how-many jar and redirects the sign to point to his stomach.
  • Guessing how long your wait is at the department of motor vehicles

You searched for: guesses