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  • Shedding kitty owner’s smartphone power cord won’t charge with piles of pet hair clogging plug.
  • Sneaky ninja sloth suddenly shaved longhaired cat’s fluffy fur short with groomer clippers.

  • Furry hair caterpillar waxes body hairless in heatwave temps to stay cooler.
  • Shirtless guys on beach say no nipples & bellybutton man’s body hair waxing was thorough.
  • Cats fairy tale Rapunzel in tower pukes gross pet fur ball when kitty prince rescuer says to let down hair.
  • Scared dogs in cinema theater watch terrified movie canine hide from killer bath tub trying to bathe it.
  • Fluffy kitty runs on exercise treadmill shedding pet hair pile, happy weighing workouts results instantly on scale.
  • Monkey date apologizes fur infested in head lice but girlfriend loves he brought lunch.
  • Chimpanzee diners eat insect apps groomed from ape waiter’s fur on table.
  • Cat harasses owner eating, trespasses kitchen counters, grooms exposed butt indecently & mugs adorable faces.
  • Dog audience watches scary nail clippers zombie movie.
  • Shaved dog’s fur has been matted as artwork.

You searched for: groom