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  • Bug wife reminds cheating husband about time found a tick on him.
  • Sesame Street Muppet boyfriend is shocked by how many puppeteers puppet girlfriend has been with.
  • Sad moth on laptop looks at photos of burning fires on social media at night.
  • Dracula's wife is jealous of tattoo of old girlfriend's name on his chest.

  • Mrs. Claus is angry with Santa for going to old girlfriend's house on Christmas Eve.
  • Female wears 3D glasses to add depth to her superficial date.
  • Devil with Blue Dress photos are posted on the internet by ex-wife.
  • Mulder and Scully discuss their exes.
  • A woman cleaning her closet finds things that reminds her of her boyfriends, like loafers and sweaters.
  • The cartoon lists TV spinoffs that never caught on.
  • So many women reject a man that he starts selling shirts that say "I Rejected Derek."

You searched for: exes