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  • An engineer is jealous of the social engineers at his college.
  • Trojan horse hatch is right under the tail and soldier wonders if location can change.

  • Two men on bottom side of four man kayak do not have as much fun as those above the water.
  • Man with large belly eyes new slant-top pants.
  • Angels jealous as new arrival sports jet pack instead of wings.
  • Woman brings spit detector when dining out to test for waiter's spit.
  • New construction tool product, the Sawmer, is a painful marketing failure.
  • Spinal tap cell phones signal bars go all the way to six.
  • Tiny dog is retracted along with leash.
  • Instead of losing a sock in the wash, the washing machine vaporizes the sock off the man's foot.
  • Car parents are excited that their baby car came with an automatic rear wiper.
  • Scientists work to make artificial wood, while termite scientists work to make artificial termites.

You searched for: engineering