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  • Kool Aid Man crashes glass drink pitcher dummies testing brick wall smash safety.
  • Muppet Kermit asks awkward sexual ass requests to Hamburger Helper brand glove.
  • Woman at party says skip ad and pokes boring man on nose to get him to stop talking about life insurance.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.

  • A boy watching a back to school ad wishes he didn't have to go, but the fish watching wishes he was back with his school.
  • Doctors switch between game and patient's vitals on monitor.
  • Is leap year really longer or do elections make it seem that way'
  • Santa charges a re-stocking fee for filling up Christmas stocking.
  • Paranoid consumer worries that people on tv know what he thinks based on car commercial.
  • Microwave advertises using Dairy Dream Sour Cream when it cooks potatoes.
  • Kool Aid can't compete with the energy and stamina of coffee pot.
  • Fat-free ice cream maker sponsors verdict with their guilt slogan.

You searched for: commercial