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  • Dogs who accidentally swallow frisbees connect at support group.
  • Cats attracted by fish smell prompt man to light candle that attracts bees.
  • While being pinned by gazelle, jaguar asks therapist to move up session.
  • Father sympathizes that daughter can't understand being reundefriended.
  • Plain pizzas wonder what to buy for the pizza with everything.
  • Fish evolve legs and migrate out of water but Lenny the fish has yet to evolve struggling out of water.
  • Lower case letter b longs to develop like her teenage peers into a mature capital letter B.
  • A dog says he's secure enough to explore his felinity.
  • A tomato doesn't know whether he belongs with fruits or with vegetables.
  • The cartoon diagrams the anatomy of the teenage brain.

  • A fruit lawyer says his client is entitled to a jury of pears.
  • A cloud feels frumpy because it's the only one without a silver lining.

You searched for: peer