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Take your child to work day Cartoons

@ 3 Years Old

Hey, not bad for 3 years old, huh? I'm pretty sure it's HR Pufnstuf with one eye shot out.  She's quite prolific, so this page will be updated fairly frequently. (Ok, Mom?)

This is her self-portrait. She did a masterful job with the curly hair. She was apparently in a rather contemplative mood at the time.

 One of my early favorites. Notice the bold use of color in this cubism-inspired piece.

 Here we have a nifty snowman. I dig the goofy smile.

This is a hand-drawn map so that Gram can find our house.  (It makes more sense than a lot of the directions I've come across.)


This is a minimalist portrait of me...wearing a hat.


My head spins when I look at this wild and woolly, action-packed doozy.


@ 4 yrs

Here you can see her mastering anatomy. The body parts are now well-defined, as you can see by the select and distinct inclusion of knees.


Here we have a family portrait. That's her in pink, I'm on the far left, and my wife is floating limbless. We're all frolicking on the grass under a colorful sky, like we always do.



How can you not cheer up looking at this giddy, colorful and trippy entry?



I love this bunny-type character. I'm 99% sure he's doing a jig.


Here are some directions to Gram's house. Stop by and surprise her.


I like this cat. I'm guessing he stumbled into a catnip stash.

She got into my Prismacolors in order to create a king and queen in a psychedelic castle.


Here's one of her drawings that I used for Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day. She penciled it in, then inked it over just like a pro.



@ 5 yrs

Here we have a depiction of two converging parallel universes. But the most interesting thing is that the top butterfly went and got herself a flower tattoo.



Hey, if there are no rainbows, put up your own!


Lately, themes revolve around "Hearts and Rainbows," "Flowers and Butterflies," "Rainbows and Flowers," "Hearts and..." well, you get the idea. Here's a cute example.


I like the border on this one. Very cool.

This was her contribution for Take-Your-Child-To-Work Day 2000. I think she's just about ready to be my assistant.


@ 6 yrs


One thing I like about her drawings is that there is always nice weather.

Here is an envelope that she decorated that I really like. A lot of her favorite themes pop up: rainbows; royalty; flowers; smiley faces; butterflies, etc.

She asked me once why I usually draw boys. I never really thought about it much, but she was right. I told her it's the same reason she usually draws girls. A nice example here.


Here we have a happy couple on stage.  Unintentional special effects courtesy of the school assignment showing through from the other side of the sheet.



Do not adjust your monitor. This is a design she made experimenting with the airbrush option in Photoshop.  I think it'd make a nice T-shirt, greeting card, or eye test.



This is a postcard she designed. She decided the accidental red crayon was a shooting star.



I was sick with some stomach bug. I'll spare you the details of it, but I will say I felt a lot better when she handed me this.



The facial features are evolving, but she doesn't get it from me. Her biggest artisitic influences are the other kids at school.



Here is an evocative night scene made with those colorful, neon, radioactive gel pens.

Everytime she does one of these Take-Your-Child-To-Work-Day cartoons, I always get e-mail from people who don't quite get it and think I drew it!



A dynamic musical number. She's either singing or coming to the shocking realization that her hair is made out of G-clefts.


@ 7 yrs


Here we have an aquatic scene. I like the crab in the left corner. She made an accidental line across the merman's face, and always thinking, she turned it into a handlebar moustache.



This was the accompanying drawing for a story she wrote for school about My Day as a Dinosaur. Here it is: "I woke up in a nest. I looked nice. When I went to school, my teacher fainted. After school, I ate a house. When I visited a neighbor, she screamed. I ate dinner in the school. I ate my teacher. I slept in a nest.": Awwwww ... a happy ending.



Here is another dinosaur. He looks very happy. He must have eaten TWO teachers.



Solid gel pen work. A vivid purple house with nicely depicted tall vegetation.



She drew this for me to commemorate my first game of the softball season. I'm on first base and labeled "Daddy." Everyone else is labeled "other people." And we're winning 20-0!


She whipped this up very quickly and taped it on my studio door. It might be a some kind of vague, subtle statement on how I behave during a deadline.


A self-portrait in mixed media. Very colorful suitable for framing.



Ay caramba! Esta la familia con tres gatos, y dos ranas that we had at the time.

Here's another time she gave me the day off.


Here's an attack of the dreaded Smiley Pox.



This Photoshop alien looks pretty upset about something. Maybe those purple spots are a rare strain of Smiley Pox.


Breakfast in bed for Mothers' Day? A nice thought, but not likely since my wife usually gets up at 4:30.


@ 8 yrs


I'm a little worried about what she may be planning.  I confiscated these blueprints for creating a Cat-Lady and a Man/Woman.


Here she's either giving me a clear shot at an open net, or the ball is halfway between us and we're stubbornly arguing over who should get it.



This is her portrait of me. After some primal scream therapy,  I've learned to appreciate it.



Here's a theme worth giving a chance.



The girls peeking out the windows seem to be happy despite the fact that most of these color markers seems to be on their last legs.

Here you see two versions of a popular phrase. One is on the left and the other is on the right.   (On the bottom right, there's a kid whining, "Mommy, I want a cookie now!" Mommy is saying, "Hold your midget ponies," I mean, "Hold your horses."



She has good design sense. I think this would make a great decorative tile. If you own a tile company, this design is available for licensing.



As an assignment for school, she had to draw her hand in different positions.  She was bummed that she was wearing at Band-aid that day and the teacher made her include it. I give it a big thumbs up.



This one is dedicated to our cat, Smoky, who, on more than one occasion,has brought a live bird into the house. This bird isn't so lucky. A little dark humor. She's definitely after my heart.


These next few are computer generated with Photoshop. Here's a 8-year-old doing what any self-respecting 8-year-old should be doing ... watching Spongebob. 



If it's going to be computer generated, why not computer-generated crayons, too?



She calls this one "Just Abstract." I love the energy, movement and color choices.  I feel like I could dive right in.



A goofy face that I could envison on an album cover. So, if your latest release needs a cover...


Here are three friends, but, as sometimes happens, each of them seems to be waiting awkwardly for the other to start a conversation.



Take your child to work day cartoons, age 10 - 18


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Wow, how time has flown by.  

Our daughter has now graduated from college and is working toward becoming a CPA.



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