Old Favorites 2

From 1987, one of the first few I did, along with the Nails gag.
I'm not sure half of the papers I'm in now would publish this one.
It has appeared on T-shirts and greeting cards.

  I've toned down my work somewhat since this 1987 cartoon.
I don't think I could get away with having a car parked on a dog in a family newspaper. A person, yes...a dog, no.

If I had it to do over, I would certainly continue drawing the car to Derek's right,
and I'm not sure it even needs that caption along the bottom.

(By the way, I derived my first logo from that poor squashed dog under the wheel.)
I wasn't sure if this cartoon from 1988 would get me in trouble, but, as it turns out,
it has been reprinted in publications for the Physically Challenged.

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