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cartoon # 2014-03-09 (1 of 25)

Time Machine Inventor Remembers Anniversary

husband, time machine, invention, remember, anniversary, wife, past,

Forgetting cartoon # 2014-01-09 (2 of 25)

Cat Loses Birthday Present

cat, birthday, present, lost, ran away, mouse, catch, forget, cat owner,

cartoon # 2013-04-07 (3 of 25)

Easter Bunny’s Excuse

easter, easter bunny, forget, eggs, lazy, excuse,

Forgetting cartoon # 2013-03-09 (4 of 25)

Gift Shipping Options Include Yesterday

purchasing, belated, gift, shipping, options, anniversary, online shopping,

Forgetting cartoon # 2012-07-09 (5 of 25)

Caveman Anniversaries

KEYWORD1  2012-07-09  time  calendar  calendars  week  weeks  month  months  day

Forgetting cartoon # 2012-04-03 (6 of 25)

Defibrillator Shock

KEYWORD1  2012-04-03  medical  medicine  health  healthcare  health care  doctor  doctors  physician

Forgetting cartoon # 2012-03-09 (7 of 25)

Anniversary Password

KEYWORD1  2012-03-09  husband  husbands  wife  wives  marriage  marriages  relationship  relationshi

cartoon # 2012-01-01 (8 of 25)

That’s My Torso

KEYWORD1  2012-01-01  new year  new years  new year’s  holiday  holidays  new yea

Forgetting cartoon # 2011-09-27 (9 of 25)

Forgotten Packing Material

KEYWORD1  2011-09-27  purchase  purchasing  purchases  shop  shopping  buy  buying  store

Forgetting cartoon # 2011-09-21 (10 of 25)

Pantsless Interviewee

KEYWORD1  2011-09-21  work  workplace  workplaces  job  jobs  employment  employee  employees

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