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  • Misspelled famous monuments autocorrected to great whale of China, faster running Moai heads, pee leaking tower of Pisa and stoned hen Stonehenge.
  • Bored whale watching TV thinks killer whale is predictable murder suspect on whodunnit mystery show.
  • Bird realizes that he and the whale on both on a watch list.
  • Whales at the workplace snack on whale holes.
  • Moby Dick whale uses gray dye to sneak attack Ahab.

  • Jonah uses whale's tongue to take a selfie from instead whale's mouth.
  • A whale goes on a date with a whale who mouth-breathes instead of using his blowhole.
  • A whale psychic predicts that another whale will retire to the beach.
  • Humpback whale lives rock star life since his song was recorded by marine biologist.

You searched for: whale