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  • Man annoyed at art gallery painting says his kid could do artist’s fussy crying baby artwork.
  • Mother with very small infant in stroller thanks woman for agreeing to babysit child as she’s a handful.
  • Therapist asks baby at couples counseling if thinks mother wants to change him.
  • Godzilla parent destroying city tells child asking to eat building “no more suites.”
  • Future reporter boy pulls farting old man’s finger getting “Pull-It Surprise” Pulitzer Prize.
  • Appalled frankfurter on laptop is upset by long list of gross hot dog ingredient match results.
  • Baby Godzilla gives monster mom smashed florist building for Mother’s Day
  • Parents’ smartphone GPS directions map shows fastest direct and longer routes for a sleeping baby riding in the car.
  • Family knocking on door is suspicious when mom in bed with wine and book says she’s wrapping presents after Christmas.
  • Small doll in Russian matryoshka tells other nesting doll to dress in layers when it’s cold.

  • Grossed out boy plays with peeing Tickle Me Elmo parody Sesame Street toy.
  • Stressed Santa thinks stupid snooze button rushing in sleigh as disappointed children see no gifts in stockings and under Christmas trees.

You searched for: toddler