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  • President Abraham Lincoln’s honesty is tested by smartphone app terms and conditions checkbox.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.
  • Charlie Brown's written test is written in teacher's wah wah.
  • In a deadly accident, Hermann Rorschach's body becomes a Rorschach test.
  • Easter Bunny leaves his peep, instead of pee, sample at the desk.
  • Researchers observe which wines the turkey likes best.

  • Muscled turkeys need to submit to random drug testing.

  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.

  • Researcher tests effectiveness of crush with crash test dummy.

  • Google is testing out self-walking shoes.
  • Knights tested success of human cannonballs against castle walls.
  • To get DNA sample from suspect, Detective sends in soda can.

You searched for: test