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  • Nurse uses all-natural kitten claws for hospital patient blood test needles.
  • Bagel doctor tells bagel patient it’s tests say it has everything.
  • Jolly Green Giant veggie brand mascot at urologist has pea in a pee cup urinary health sample.
  • Researcher tests painful internet haircutting laptop scissor arm invention rough drafts.
  • Eye doctor asks if fraud blur letter optometry sign tricking patients is ethical.
  • Bug & human researchers watch crash test dummies about to splatter hitting car window.
  • Stupid man on laptop enters credit card number on online I.Q. score scam website.
  • Snowman optician asks if patient sees eye chart better or worse with new lumps of coal.
  • Picky scientist cats research if cat food is edible on parody Scientific American magazine cover parody.
  • President Abraham Lincoln’s honesty is tested by smartphone app terms and conditions checkbox.
  • Customers are arrested and jailed for minor consumer crimes.

  • School teacher assigned 3 ideas but pupil says answered right first time.

You searched for: test