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  • Lady allows adopted small puppy to sleep on bed but it grew bigger squishing crowded owner.
  • Long itchy nose Pinocchio on cellphone shopping website orders back scratcher to reach out of reach rash.
  • Telecommuting remote worker with pets cat and dog asleep on lap stretches to reach laptop computer in work from home problem.
  • Block shaped Santa watching post chimney yoga video exercises after Christmas gift deliveries.
  • Upside down woman in downward dog yoga pose faces happy dog underneath on yoga mat.
  • Crow flying over squished snake roadkill invites other crow on a long lunch.
  • Frog's tongue gets stuck to frozen pole.
  • Stomachs stretch to prepare to be stuffed during Thanksgiving feast.
  • Flamingo can bend leg backwards due to yoga.

  • Balloon worries he's not as flexible as all the balloon animals in yoga class.
  • Plasticman's cat can stretch to cover a whole couch without special powers.
  • Santa considers someone's spandex stocking cheating.

You searched for: stretch