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  • Crow flying over squished snake roadkill invites other crow on a long lunch.
  • Stomachs stretch to prepare to be stuffed during Thanksgiving feast.
  • Flamingo can bend leg backwards due to yoga.

  • Plasticman's cat can stretch to cover a whole couch without special powers.
  • Santa considers someone's spandex stocking cheating.
  • Turkey's yoga class pays off as he avoids ax.
  • Man questions Jack Be Nimble's ability to compete in the modern era.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is torture chamber for money.
  • A whole class of envelopes frustrate a yoga instructor as they are all marked "do not bend."
  • A woman calls IT to find out if there's a way to make her keyboard less comfortable to her cat.
  • A turkey wants to stretch before it starts running around, so it doesn't pull a muscle.
  • The day after Thanksgiving is a huge shopping day for pants.

You searched for: stretch