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  • Sneaky dog coworker runs off stealing owner’s lunch in working from home problems.
  • Hoagie browses sandwich profile on Grindr parody smartphone dating app.
  • Man enjoys eating his repaired pita pocket sandwich.
  • Dagwood ages from sandwiches to medications.
  • Flatbread sandwich comes into being when piano falls on sandwich.
  • A cheeseburger is in heaven, while pastrami is in purgatory.

  • A godzilla orders a sloppy joe and gets a neat one instead.
  • A godzilla complains that the mummy wraps he ordered don't look fresh.
  • A piece of bread looks at porn of bread with its crust removed.
  • Ants arrange themselves in a checkered pattern on a picnic blanket.
  • Spider complains about having wraps again for meal.
  • Abominable Snowman eats Burgermeister Meisterburger as a burger.

You searched for: sandwich