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  • Honeybee on smartphone sees flowers online dating profile looking for a third sex partner.
  • Reproducing rabbits dad on laptop receives email inbox full alert message as lots of bunny children’s Father’s Day messages fill folder.
  • Annoyed female bird thinks male’s bad karaoke song is worse than his mating dance.
  • Female praying mantis at bar tells surprised male date he seems sweet but she’ll know soon enough.
  • Surprised rabbit on website sees over 200 million relative match search results on genealogy website.
  • Principal tells teacher two parents, a rabbit and an amoeba cell, are angry he’s teaching multiplication and division in his classroom.
  • Cells dividing at the dinner table require an additional table setting.

  • Super Mario fertility drug brothers increase the number of Super Marios.
  • A praying mantis eats Crunchy Man Heads while watching TV.

You searched for: reproduction