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  • Magazine kidnappers mail threatening letter written in cut paper letters of abducted victim.
  • Criminal customers arrested for wearing sunglasses cloudy day, playing beachball at pool, winter ale in August and swimsuit wading.
  • Consumers arrested for wearing ball cap to hockey game, using pot holder for pan, putting grapes in sandwich bag & duct tape on not a duct product crimes.
  • Consumer criminals wore bowling shirt playing pool, used table spoon at counter, ate cold cuts room temp & used baby powder when old in product crimes.
  • Criminal customers eat deli lunch meats at dinner, wore sun dress in cloudy weather, spread jelly with butter knife & walking in running sneakers.
  • Owner reads Who’s Who biography as dog is reading book titled Who’s A Good Doggie
  • Criminal consumers arrested for eating sharing size candy, playing Words With Friends game with strangers, coffee in a tea cup and blowing nose on toilet paper.

  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.

  • Two roses read a gardening magazine.
  • A science magazine is edited to make brains look more developed.
  • A man gets a giant edition of Billboard.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead read magazines about the future.

You searched for: publication