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  • Cat with nine diamond rings asks cat to marry at romantic picnic marriage proposal.
  • Bird enlists the clock to skywrite his marriage proposal in sky.

  • Woman accepts skywriting proposal to marry Mel, not kneeling boyfriend.
  • Man delays wedding proposal after dog swallows ring.
  • A man accidentally proposes to his girlfriend when someone drops their ring in her chicken fingers.
  • Mark takes the day off and his family comes up with the ideas for the cartoon.
  • A woman chooses a provider that offers more bandwidth.
  • The Green Giant's girlfriend complains that the ring he gave her made her finger not green.
  • A stork has trouble proposing because his knees bend the wrong way.
  • Man on one knee proposing to girlfriend opens ring box to reveal a ringworm - a ring with a worm coming out of it.

You searched for: proposal