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  • Elves make an elf wait in Santa's chair to get sat on as an initiation ceremony.
  • Fish evolve legs and migrate out of water but Lenny the fish has yet to evolve struggling out of water.
  • A dog says he's secure enough to explore his felinity.
  • A champagne cork feels pressure to go out on New Year's Eve.
  • The cartoon diagrams the anatomy of the teenage brain.

  • A dog was in a group, but resisted the pack mentality of smoking.
  • A horse gets arrested for drunk driving because his buddies lead him to a watering hole but didn't make him drink.
  • Overprotective lemming parents want their son to wait half an hour after eating before throwing himself off a cliff.
  • A cloud feels frumpy because it's the only one without a silver lining.
  • A lemming mom tells her son that if his friends jump off a cliff, then he should too.
  • A man falls alseep with his mouth open below two birds.
  • Mother sheet of paper has staples, daughter has paper clips, mom tells daughter she is too young for staples.

You searched for: peer pressure