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  • Smartphone asks to open blood pressure health app before presidential votes news.
  • Cupid launches arrows drone strike making people fall in love on Valentine’s Day.
  • Doctor tells sleep study patient to sleep normally while covered in uncomfortable monitor tubes and watched by cameras and researchers
  • Snoopy gets his name from spying on his friends.

  • Godzilla steals a jumbotron from a sports game.
  • A monitor in a hospital charts the nurse's patience with her patient.
  • A man prints out a coloring book, but his kids draw on the computer instead.
  • Doctors switch between game and patient's vitals on monitor.
  • Mummy takes off feet bandages to go through airport security.
  • Virtual You software merely turns off computer to show your own reflection.
  • Surgeon wakes up patient who is snoring too loud.

You searched for: monitor