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  • Man shopping online on computer sees unrelated chiropractic product suggestion marketing.
  • Customer marks quotes on gross taste “delicious” apples grocery store sign.
  • Grocery shopping dog buys canned pet food marketed with more disgusting horrible taste for dogs.
  • Shopper sees bags honestly labeled squirrel seed in store, not bird seed.
  • Marketers raise razor prices only to find out men would rather have beards than pay more.

  • A balding man is offered nose hair transplants.
  • To get powdered grape drink mix, you just have to take out the water.
  • Noah corners the market on zoos by keeping animals in the ark.
  • Microwave advertises using Dairy Dream Sour Cream when it cooks potatoes.
  • Old woman looking to buy a new shoe home considers a bowling shoe rental instead.
  • Dog owner discovers the refrigerator pet door was a bad idea.

You searched for: market