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  • Tyrannosaurus dino at beach has red sunburn everywhere its short arms can’t apply sunscreen.
  • Turkey changes picture on Cornell University bird species painting to read bad taste poison lizard bird.
  • Chameleon sympathizes with Kermit that it's not easy to be green.
  • Dog wearing cone feels like lizard with frill is mocking him.
  • hairless cat, legless lizard, flightless bird, and mindless doofus all go without something.
  • Social media site asks chameleon if he wants to update his profile pic again with new color.

  • Doctor thinks chameleon lost a lot of weight but he just camouflaged into the background.
  • Medusa is jealous of her friend's color-changing chameleon hair.
  • Beach doesn't allow dogs, but does allow all other types of animals.
  • Chameleon in police lineup camouflages himself to avoid being identified.
  • Chameleon son fakes holding his breath and turns blue to get his mother's attention.
  • Witch selecting from too many eye of newt options at grocery store.

You searched for: lizard