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  • Telecommuting dad working on computer with kid, pets, dishes and laundry distractions can’t finish finis.
  • Dog baseball coach tells pitcher that excited dog player at bat expects a walk.
  • Dogs laugh at embarrassed dog in sweater walking on leash but shiver freezing cold after he is gone.
  • Dogs in theater cry when leashed dog is pulled away from trash.
  • Dog in a carriage meets a child on leash.
  • Dogs exhibit tech behaviors with Facetime, instant messaging, streaming, and service providers.

  • A woman runs into a police officer in a leash-only park and lies to him by saying her dog has a cordless leash.
  • A dog rescues a woman from boring conversations by pretending to need a walk.
  • Two people have one arm longer than the other because their big dogs pull on them.
  • Doctors throw squirrel into room with man with leashed dog to test his healed arm.
  • Retractable leash prevents dog from flirting with other female dogs.
  • Dog thinks chewing leash leads to freedom, but instead leads to shorter leash.

You searched for: leash