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  • Women lemons gossip about the weird sweet lemon guy.
  • Hopicana parodies Tropicana orange juice.

  • To get powdered grape drink mix, you just have to take out the water.
  • Elderly play prune juice pong instead of beer pong at retirement home.
  • Orange wife suspects late husband arriving of being freshly squeezed.
  • Lemon parents find Realemon boyfriend of daughter to be phony.
  • A baby sticks to a formula, just like TV execs.
  • Vampire's get fun sized blood bags as Halloween treats.
  • The can labeled OJ is for the scientist of the mutated viruses, not Orange Juice.
  • An orange tells a tall tale about fighting Anita Bryant.
  • Different beverages, milk, soda, and juice, doing aerobics, one beverage tells carbonated beverage to try low impact aerobics because cap is about to blow off.

You searched for: juice