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  • Courtroom judge punishes guilty defendant to 20 cheesy dad jokes jail sentence.
  • Judge wearing grim reaper death Halloween party costume in court terrifies defendant on trial.
  • Cat judge sentences guilty cat on trial to 16 blocks inside a moving car.
  • Cartoon character Bart Simpson nervous as lawyer presents to court spiky triangle hair evidence found at crime scene.
  • Horrified woman in court sentenced by judge to use drivers license photo for social media profile pictures online.
  • Judge looks at instructions to assemble juror parts spread across courtroom floor.
  • Magician is taken to court by table for sexual assault after he pulls off tablecloth in performance.
  • Lawyers’ arguments cause fed up judge to reverse himself in his chair.
  • Jury too preoccupied with mobile devices to give verdict on distracted texting driving case.
  • Defendant gest worst April Fool's joke when jury jokes that he's not guilty.
  • Lenny says jury foreman didn't say guilty with enough conviction.

  • Yoda's way of speaking makes him a lousy jury foreman.

You searched for: judicial