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  • Snowflake on laptop is surprised it has no matches on Ancestry genealogy website online search.
  • Mom tells angry grandmother baby’s matching dress is perfect for chubby cheeks and chunky thighs.
  • Big bad wolf updates grandma's profile picture.
  • Grandma's superpower is that she can remember family's' birthdays without Facebook's help.

  • A rabbit is wearing an Ask Me About My Grandkids shirt, but if anyone asks her she'll never shut up.
  • A thief picks his victim out of a police lineup.
  • Mom alerting Dad that Grandma is spoiling girl is a spoiler alert.
  • A grandmother hoards a Viking horde.
  • Baby's playpen disclaimer averts the responsibility for damaged or stolen property.
  • A parody of Golden Grahams cereal called Golden Grammys.
  • Proud parent watch baby playing as entertainment.

You searched for: grandmother