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  • Boy gets an I on spelling test for cheating with the internet.
  • Saturn gives Mercury a lower grade than before.

  • A student reaches his essay's 500-word requirement by giving each noun 25 adjectives.
  • A man buys solar power for his car.
  • Teacher will grade students' assessments of their own self-given grades.
  • A kid gives a long excuse to his creative writing teacher and she gives him an A- on it.
  • Mother with poor grammar wonders why son is failing English.
  • A student gets extra credit in meteorology class because he's staring out the window at the weather.
  • Songs Homer, Marge, Maggie, Lisa, and Bart Simpson are listening to.
  • Tyrannosaurus Rex's short arms don't look raised earning him an F.
  • Father is not impressed by son's three D's on his report card.

You searched for: grade