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  • Bubbly sparkling wine bottle on laptop shocked genealogy website results not from Champagne region France.
  • Wooden puppet Pinnochio on laptop surprised by big belly mother tree & Geppetto dad picture on family genealogy website.
  • Alexa virtual assistant device on laptop sees the Clapper family search result.
  • Snowman on laptop genealogy website sees dirty pond, puddle & toilet water DNA search results.

  • Excited mattress on computer discovers it is a queen on genealogy website.
  • Frankenstein on computer website sees country and hardware store DNA ethnicity results.
  • Excited bed frame and mattress on computer discovers it is a twin on genealogy website.
  • Appalled frankfurter on laptop is upset by long list of gross hot dog ingredient match results.
  • Surprised rabbit on website sees over 200 million relative match search results on genealogy website.
  • Newborn infant peanuts are fresh peanuts while elderly Planter’s Mr. Peanut is in peanut brittle hospital room.
  • Snowflake on laptop is surprised it has no matches on Ancestry genealogy website online search.
  • Pinocchio researches his genealogy and finds Mayflower Ship comes from his ancestors.

You searched for: genealogy