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  • Sad Jack Frost can’t nip noses covered by Covid face masks as The Christmas Song music plays.
  • Jack Frost admits to nipping at other things.
  • Beer mug becomes frosty when boyfriend calls her stout.

  • Mosquito tries to convince woman to date him before first frost kills him.
  • Cake always has frosting missing because dog licks it off.
  • Road less traveled inspired by poor internet directions.
  • A lawyer asks Jack Frost's widow why her fingerprints were on the defrost button.
  • Jack Frost's house is full of game mounts of noses he's nipped off.
  • Jack Frost looses his teeth when he bites you when he's old.
  • Tony Tiger frosts a woman's hair instead of dyeing it.
  • Jack Frost goes to jail because he forgot to take his medication and bit people's noses off instead of nipping them.

You searched for: frost