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  • Doctor diagnoses chimney soot covered Santa Claus’ Christmas season flue flu illness.
  • Seed covered plain flavor bagel says gesundheit to sneezing everything bagel in bakery.
  • Peacock says gesundheit to blank tail bird who sneezed off feather spot pattern.
  • Mummy says gesundheit to naked mummy who sneezed off cloth wrappings.
  • Man covered in app logos sneeze says gesundheit to sick woman with empty smartphone homepage.
  • Elf says gesundheit to Santa after Christmas presents are sneezed out of sleigh.
  • Stocking hung by fire says gesundheit to one that has sneezed Christmas gifts all over room.
  • Woman in mask says gesundheit to trick-or-treater in Batman costume who sneezed it off and on to her.
  • Unicorn sneeze pokes bird with horn.
  • Snowman test to see if melting snowman has a fevor.

  • Cat selfishly sleeps on head of feverish cat.
  • Benny's Drill parodies Benadryl allergy medicine.

You searched for: flu