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  • Balloon librarian asks dog shaped balloon if liked book and it answers so many twists and turns.
  • Dog asks crying dog reading squirrels never caught book why it reads such sad books.
  • Woman frightened by trick or treater’s scary costume of book she’s been meaning to read.
  • Man by empty shelves in bookstore mystery section asks salesperson asks what happened to the books.
  • Sad bookmarks at bar complain their good relationships are always the shortest.
  • Mad Alice in Wonderland book & movie characters shoveling snow complain swear word symbols.
  • Dorian Gray's profile picture on Facebook is him as an old man.
  • Boy mistakenly buys "Diary of a Wimpy" instead of "Diary of a Wimpy Kid."
  • The inside of a candy filled Pinata is set up much like Star Trek's Enterprise.

  • Mother Goose is under investigation for writing accurate facts.
  • Artistic license brings man and dinosaurs together.
  • Various things cruise around in a VW Thing.

You searched for: fiction