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  • Rebellious cricket prefers base ball, fire ant plays in pool, never married spider relaxes & bed bug naps on sofa.

  • Mouse grilling hamburgers tells barbecue guests if they want cheese in snap trap they’re on their own.
  • The Spider Department comes to help a woman who's afraid of spiders.
  • Couple releases construction inspector ants to slow down carpenter ants.
  • A pear tree is filled with partridges.
  • A tiny woman recieves the bad news that her rug lawn has rugrats.
  • A man asks a woman with dozens of cats if she's considered calling an exterminator.
  • George Washington's dentist calls an exterminator to work on his teeth.
  • An anteater sprays another anteater's house with sugar to attract ants.
  • Mouse trap for dinosaur to get ride of unwanted pests.
  • A witch who lives in a gingerbread house has to call an exterminator because she has ants.
  • Spiders want to eat a giant fly off the top of an exterminator's van.

You searched for: exterminator