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  • Man in monster destroyed city disgusted Zilla chewing with mouth open person named Gary.
  • City smashing Godzilla stubbed toes kicking dense Christmas fruit cake factory.
  • City destroying Zilla monster wears don’t talk to me until I’ve had my cafe T-shirt.
  • Godzilla complements monster’s destroyed open concept destroyed city buildings.
  • Godzilla on smartphone fitness tracker app reaches stepped on daily destruction goals.
  • Frustrated ninja sloth suddenly smashes upsetting television newscast reporting endless awful news stories.

  • Godzilla monsters destroying city have lucky chances devouring person named Joe in morning.
  • Horn helmet vikings push shopping carts at Raider Joe parody grocery store attacked by plundering Norse looters.
  • Heroic cuddly kitty sleeping on monster lap bravely traps defeated Godzilla from destroying buildings.
  • Indestructible zombie Christmas fruitcakes and cockroaches only survivors of apocalyptic worldwide destruction.
  • Godzilla monster gives fruit & nut delivery trucks heart box Valentines Day present.
  • Trick-o-treating godzilla monsters trade nerdy people for dummies.

You searched for: demolish