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  • Rebellious cricket prefers base ball, fire ant plays in pool, never married spider relaxes & bed bug naps on sofa.

  • Bug on basketball team says it thought gross insect with dung ball was a dunk beetle.
  • Pinocchio and Jiminy Cricket use selfie stick because of long nose.
  • A caterpillar goes through an extreme make-over as it transforms into a butterfly.
  • Crickets play practical jokes with a chirpee cushion.
  • A cricket player thinks a sign is for him, but it's for crickets.
  • A cricket wears a no-chirp strip at night to prevent himself from chirping.
  • A woman smashes her husband's head after his croquet victory dance.
  • Bugs plan a way to avoid getting crushed by feet.
  • A locust tells his wife that his approaching in-laws look like a plague.
  • Jiminy Cricket criticizes Pinocchio's creator.
  • Bigfoot accidentally steps on Jiminy Cricket.

You searched for: cricket