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  • Bug on basketball team says it thought gross insect with dung ball was a dunk beetle.
  • Butterfly is embarrassed by larvae baby photos mom posts online.
  • Caterpillar's day job is to be Bert's unibrow.

  • Caterpillar wonders what's taking date who's turned into a chrysalis so long to change.
  • Two butterflies gossip about a caterpillar who refuses to metamorphose.
  • Butterfly dates younger guy, a caterpillar.
  • Wife scolds husband for inviting hungry caterpillar and hippos as they ate all the food.
  • Caterpillar's father is upset when his caterpillar son is destructive but mother butterfly reminds him he ate leaves then too.
  • A caterpillar goes through an extreme make-over as it transforms into a butterfly.
  • Spider parties have caterpillar cocoons as pi'atas.

  • A centipede gets a hands free phone for no apparent reason.
  • A spider uses a caterpillar as a sectional.

You searched for: caterpillar