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  • Rebellious insects defy preconceived ideas with butterfly prefers margarine, professional plumber carpenter ant, atheist praying mantis & yellowjacket wearing purple sweater.

  • Hammerhead shark, despite shape of head, isn't handy around the house.
  • Clapboard comes from trees applauding a juggling lumberjack.
  • Flathead screw and Phillips screwdriver's romantic relationship doesn't last long.
  • Carpenter discovers design flaw in the bobblehead hammer as it injures him.
  • Couple releases construction inspector ants to slow down carpenter ants.
  • Dr. Frankenstein restores life to an old Victorian woman.
  • During surgery, Dr. Frankenstein asks Igor for Phillip's head for monster.
  • Nails peer in coffin commentating about nail friend's last job as a doornail.
  • A hamster wife complains that her husband isn't building hamster tubes on their cage like their neighbors.
  • Man insulates himself with body fat for winter but wife thought he was going to insulation house for winter.
  • Floors get sanded with beach sand.

You searched for: carpentry