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  • Rebellious insects defy preconceived ideas with butterfly prefers margarine, professional plumber carpenter ant, atheist praying mantis & yellowjacket wearing purple sweater.

  • Contractor in group of construction workers repairing building greets audience, taking down the fourth wall of comic.
  • Cat operating bulldozer is best at knocking things over.
  • Cat construction workers add carpeting to sides of cat condos.
  • Construction worker opens wrong lunch and finds sexy note from co-worker's wife.
  • Builder grabs daughter's art homework instead of construction plans.
  • Lazy workers fool boss with sweat scented candles.
  • Dog feels betrayed when owner works to expand vet clinic.
  • Carpenter discovers design flaw in the bobblehead hammer as it injures him.
  • Couple releases construction inspector ants to slow down carpenter ants.
  • Dr. Frankenstein restores life to an old Victorian woman.
  • The jury foreman takes his job literally and has jury do construction project.

You searched for: carpenter