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  • Rebellious insects defy preconceived ideas with butterfly prefers margarine, professional plumber carpenter ant, atheist praying mantis & yellowjacket wearing purple sweater.

  • Steak knives peek in window at butter knife party and agree it looks dull.
  • Criminal customers eat deli lunch meats at dinner, wore sun dress in cloudy weather, spread jelly with butter knife & walking in running sneakers.
  • Customers are arrested for crimes breaking food usage rules in Consumer Reports parody.

  • A butter lawyer asks a defendant to identify a butter knife.
  • Bread wife is found by husband with another slice buttering her.
  • Strange cow on a dairy farm demystifies how "I Can't Believe It's Not Butter" is made.
  • Factory mix up produces "I can't believe it's not hair" and "Gee your butter smells terrific."
  • Vampires likes to pick up women after they leave from massage therapy.
  • The author updates nursery rhymes for the modern era.
  • A slice of bread has a buttered half.

You searched for: butter