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  • Cellphone pregnant mother in labor has push notification message on screen.
  • Proud parent watches all the different emoji smiley face babies in the nursery.

  • Adam and Eve have relationship trouble when Adam forgets Eve's birthday.
  • A minion hatches into Big Bird.
  • Snoopy visits his newborn son in the hospital and his son is sleeping on a tiny doghouse.
  • A newborn baby dreams it was spelunking.
  • Nurse assures Charlie Brown's mother that most babies are born bald.
  • The stork delivers a single baby to a worm, because the stork was hungry.
  • A mother gets to see and then hear her baby's ultrasound.
  • One baby kicks the walls, but both of the twins get evicted.
  • Marcel Marcea mimes being trapped in an invisible uterus as a baby.

You searched for: born